01-Ultrasound Probe Cover with OEM service
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  • Jimmy at
  • December 11, 2017

Some best ways to remain the Ultrasound Probe Cover intact

The ultrasonic probe is a valuable device,and it is also a valuable component of ultrasonic equipment.

Its damage will make the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment can not be used normally.

As we all know it is important to pay more attention to protect the Ultrasound Probe Cover from destroying. 

But how to remain intact during the whole process? Some events you should be pay attention to:

Use the original packing box manufacturers or soft cloth sound head storage process.

Be handled with care and not to crash the head when it is used. 

Don't wipe with acetone.

Wipe the residual coupling agent on the probe to prevent mice or other animals from Gnawing lens.

Protect lens surface. Once the lens surface is damaged, the coupling agent is easy to enter the probe and damage the piezoelectric wafer, it is not allowed to use sharp objects through the mirror.

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