Silicone tape - Medical tape
Silicone tape
Silicone tape
Silicone tape
Silicone tape

Tape with dispenser optional; No remains on the skin; Breathable and microporous; CE and ISO13485 certificates

Product Specification:
  • Item name :

    silicone tape

  • Material :

    100% silicone material

  • Packing :

    different available of packing

  • Application :

    Fixed and bind up

  • Place of origin :


  • Color :

    White or skin

  • OEM :


Silicone Tape


With strong permeable, the skin ean breathe naturally and decrease the possibility of infection.

Applying to bandaging and fixing dressing,also can prophylactic use of easy sprain and friction parts.

It is no remains on the skin,Breathable and microporous.


Selecting matched bandage with body or the part you need to bandage when wrapping.

Being clean or disinfect binding site first before using the products,like dislocation,sprain,etc...

Allowing using the products after professional treatment. 

Choosing the best angle when wrapping to make bandages for best tightness,while bandaging parts feel the most comfortable.






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