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sport tape
silk surgical tape

Nontoxic, Latex free,low allergenic,nonirritant and nonallergenic Sticky is stable and friendly

Product Specification:
  • Item name :

    silk surgical tape

  • Material :

    silk material

  • Packing :

    different packing is avaliable

  • Application :

    fixing the oily or dry gauze, wet dressing, Cannula

  • Color :


  • OEM :


The function of silk surgical tape

Description :

A latex-free, hypoallergenic paper tape that is gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal. 

An economical, general purpose, breathable silk surgical tape.


1. Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients

2. Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity

3. Holds well on damp skin for secure placement

4. An economical,general purpose,breathable silk surgical tape





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