Pre-cut Sport Kinesiology Tape - Sport tape/kinesiology tape
pre-cut sports cloth kinesiology tape
Excellent Quality Pre-cut Kinesiology Muscle Sports Wrap Tape
self adhesive k-tape athletic sport surgical muscle tape
Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape
Fitness Athletic Health Muscle  multicolor kinesiology tape
Pre-cut Sport Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape for Athletes, Pre-cut Strips of Therapeutic Sports Tape For Knees, Shoulders, Elbows, ect.

Product Specification:
  • Properties :

    pain, relief and support

  • Function :

    muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support.

  • Color :

    multi color

  • Material :

    Ultra light and soft cotton

  • Size :

    5cmx5m , 5cmx32m

  • Packing :

    2pc/shrink pack

Pre Cut Kinesiology tape
*We are offering the Pre cut Kinesology tape more than 13 years. 
*We are currently offering the Pre cut tape to more than 1000 clients world wide
*Most of them are in Their own brand(product packing printed their own logo 
*One of our biggest client buying the tape from us only 500 rolls at the bigginning. But now, their are buying containers each years,
*We are helping our client manufacture the OEM brand product.

The pre cut Kinesiology tapes are normally come in 3 style:

pre cut tape style

Most of our client buying those 3 style pre cut tape.

There is 2 packing for this product:

1. Packing in rolls:I style pre cut tape:

I style pre cut tape

2 Packing in indvidual foilbags:

cohesive bandage

The most economy packing is packing in Rolls. Most of our client buying the tape in rolls. 

Different colors of tape avaialble for your choice:

kinesio tape color

If you have different shape requriment, just let us know. We are offer ODM service as well. 


please click contact us. 

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