Two way stretch kinesios tape  - Sport tape/kinesiology tape
Physio Kinesiology tape printed
Premium physio kinesiology tape
Kinesiology patch
Kinesiology Adhesive Tape
Pain relief tape
Two way stretch kinesios tape

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Product Specification:
  • Properties :

    pain, relief and support

  • Function :

    muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support.

  • Color :

    multi color

  • Material :

    Ultra light and soft cotton

  • Size :

    5cmx5m , 5cmx32m

The effect of Kinesiology Taping 

1. Normalize Muscle Functions. 
It treats muscle pain due to overuse and troubles. The stressed muscles return to initial state from shoulder pain caused by holding heavy things, calf pain caused by walking too much, whole body pain due to long time exercise, cramp, etc. 
2. Increase Circulation of Blood, Lymph, and Tissue Liquid. 
Its normally called bad blood circulation and examples are treating shoulder stiff and cold feeling disorder. When circulation of blood and lymph goes bad, it sticks to one place and as it becomes clot, it starts to put pressure on nerves. Through taping, it gives space between skin and organs which helps circulation and improve all kinds of illnesses. 
3. Reduce Pain .
It stimulus skin and muscle which reduces neurologically. By nature, people themselves have function for reducing pain and it activates by attaching this tape. 
4. Prevent from runoff of Articulation. 
When muscles pulls bone due to abnormal stress, articulation might run off. 

By pasting the tape, movement of muscles goes normal state and it prevent from runoff of articulation. 




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